Author: George Burdell

Summer Recap – The Remote Edition!

So, this summer, we were unable to finish the hardware our team had spent so much time designing last fall and early this spring. But nonetheless, there was a lot of progress made after the last recap, so here’s some pictures. Daniel and Eric F. made a lot of...
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Spring Recap – Steady as She Goes

RoboBoat Update – Competition Lead: Daniel Foreman The hardware team (Lead: Eric Fu) is about 3 to 4 weeks away from completing the structure of the new Autonomous Surface Vehicle. The new ASV will feature a holonomic thruster configuration for compatibility with software developed for Virtual RobotX 2019. Lake...
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New Year, New Semester, New Website.

Yesterday, we had our Spring Information Session! Today, we finally unveiled our new website. It has a few issues to fix, but at last, we are ad-free! This semester, we’re implementing new member projects to introduce newcomers to our club and older members more personally. Our team sponsorship packet...
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