RoboBoat Update – Competition Lead: Daniel Foreman

  • The hardware team (Lead: Eric Fu) is about 3 to 4 weeks away from completing the structure of the new Autonomous Surface Vehicle.
  • The new ASV will feature a holonomic thruster configuration for compatibility with software developed for Virtual RobotX 2019.
  • Lake days will resume after Spring Break.

RoboSub Update – Competition Lead: Rahul Rameshbabu

  • A new dropper has been designed, and Anthony expects the prototype to be completed by the end of the month.
  • Tyler has been working on the AUV design incorporating the new pressure vessel. The design review is planned for next Thursday.
  • The perception team (Lead: Eric Phan) has made lots of progress on processing images and is ready to begin training on real images.
  • The AUV simulation is almost ready, and Praneeth has been working on creating the simulation’s gate task.
  • Parts have been selected for the hydrophone project (ADC, digital filter). Until parts are acquired, the plan is to analyze existing hydrophone data to start programming ways to handle data stream.
  • There is a pool day this Saturday at noon, and tentative plans for one in about a month.

General Update – Documentation and Organization

  • General goals for the semester include standardizing and updating our documentation/wiki, selecting new officers/leads for next semester, and organizing summer competitions.