General Updates

In the past week, the team held ASV 2020’s second design review. Several points were made regarding electronics organization and pontoon fabrication.

The team is also reviewing performance from the VRX dress rehearsal and working on improvements.

Development Updates

GNC: Vinny and Coline are working on the DAMN arbiter. MC is working on filtering the gates.

Electrical: The team is looking into the sub’s ball dropper function and corresponding ROS node, and also looking into the design of a power rail for the new ASV.

Hardware: The team is finalizing the design for the 2020 ASV. The pontoon design is almost CNC ready.

Perception: The team is working on making the classifier robust, and working on the service implementation.

Competition Updates

VRX: There is steady progress on the tasks. The current focus is collecting data from runs and improving performance on tasks.

RoboBoat: The team tested a new GPS unit for boat. There is a potential lake day on 11/16. The final bill of materials for the boat will be completed this week.

RoboSub: Rahul is getting permission for another pool test.