Hello! This is the first installment of the Weekly Recap for GTMR.

This week, we kicked off our first official development team meetings. We also launched this WordPress website.

Perception is working towards classification of buoys for VRX, with plans for integration with dynamic modeling and SLAM.

GNC installed Ubuntu on machines, fixed issues in VRX, and are working on tasks for VRX. There is also progress on a boat model, which is in need of some tweaking.

Electrical is working on PCBs and planning PCB training. Planned projects include work on the power rail and kill switches.

Hardware discussed potential ideas for redesign of the boat. One option for fabrication is another iteration of fiberglass laminated pontoons. Another option is vacuum-forming, a method used on the 2015 boat Leucothea. Research is in progress.

R&D project teams are still forming. Planned projects include a UAV and a hydrophone.

Progress is being made towards tasks for VRX. VRX software is being developed with RoboBoat in mind as well. With RoboBoat and RoboSub still decently far off, development is being done in parallel with VRX as the main focus. Test runs are being planned for the sub in the upcoming weeks.

We plan to have some ROS training in the coming weeks.