General Updates

The lab is being organized! Also we have stickers!

Development Updates

Hardware: The team had an AUV thruster configuration review. The H thruster configuration was found to be a practical solution.

Perception: Praneeth is working on getting the cameras ready for the sub pool test. Robert is working on the camera data for object detection. Eric is working on tuning the hyperparameters for the classifier using a grid search.

Competition Updates

RoboBoat: The team finished the CAD design for the boat, and are preparing for construction. Daniel is still working on the GPS systems. RoboBoat will have a lake day on Saturday, and will do a dry test beforehand.

AUV: There will be a pool test next Wednesday at 7 AM. The team will be testing multiple functions and taping a video of the AUV for the Singapore AUV Challenge.

VRX: VRX progress is steady. Anthony implemented the code to detect the color sequence of buoys, and Coline and Vinny were able to get the DAMN arbiter working but A* appears to be working much faster. All tasks are implemented, and the team is working on bug fixes and performance improvements.