Competition Updates

VRX dress rehearsal was submitted! The team has been working hard to make everything come together.

Sub is working towards making a video for SAUVC. Sub intends to have a pool day in the near future, in the shallow pool.

Boat will have its second design review very soon. Daniel found the source of the problem in the Kalman filter.

Development Updates

Hardware worked on CAD models and considered boat fabrication methods and layouts. Eric’s drone is ready for testing.

GNC worked on getting the VRX submission in and are testing the limits of the controllers.

Electrical team members all have PCB fabrication training now and are ready to start designing and building.

Perception will improve the classifier’s performance in varying environmental conditions and transition YOLO to work with the new perception service.

General Updates

A ROS training session is planned for the upcoming Monday.

GTMR is seeking students interested in business and administration for club operations.

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