General Updates

We are still recruiting!

If anyone is interested in Operations and Finance positions, let us know!

Development Updates

Electrical: We are almost ready to build a PCB for the sub and to start work on the dropper system. We are working to make sure Plongeur subsystems are ready for the next pool test. We are also looking into integrating the boat GPS system.

Hardware: We are presenting for the second design meeting for ASV 2020.

Competition Updates

RoboBoat: Today is the second design meeting of ASV 2020. We are looking into integration of GPS units. We are thinking about what we would want to accomplish on the next lake day, such as collecting bag files.

RoboSub: We are working on scheduling our second pool test.

Virtual RobotX: We received our scores for the dress rehearsal and are looking into how we are scored in various scenarios. We are cleaning up some bugs and making some enhancements on the VRX code stack.