Development Updates

Perception team has been improving the classifier for VRX and is working on implementing an Intel RealSense camera for the AUV.

GNC team implemented task 2 and are working on integrating planners and improving state estimation.

A hydrophone R&D team is currently being assembled.

Competitions Updates

Sub is testing in the pool on Monday. The course from the past RoboSub season will be set up. Preparation for the pool test will be done in the lab on Saturday.

VRX is working towards implementing all tasks by 10/21. Docker integration is on the agenda. Perception is working on getting localization from images, and classifying images more symbolically.

Boat may potentially plan a lake day for collecting new bag files. Boat also had its Boat 2020 Planning meeting, where many hardware and electrical ideas were discussed. A tentative timeline has been created for construction.