Hello! It’s the second weekly recap.

Perception is working on VRX Task 3. Integration of buoy location data is planned.

GNC finished working on the pose controller. GNC is also improving state estimation, and working on a boat model and controller for VRX.

Electrical is focusing on remapping the power supply for ESCs and fixing issues pertaining to the light tower and kill switch. Electrical is also working on power distribution and a power rail for the new boat.

Hardware is still working through prospective design ideas for boat. Vacuum forming seems faster, but fiberglass is still under consideration, as well as inflatable pontoons. Some CAD models were created.

R&D discussed organization for drones, hydrophone, simulator, and GUI.

For VRX, we submitted the video, and have tested station keeping and general perception. We are working towards being ready for Dress Rehearsal. Sub has a confirmed pool testing date and is ready to run through a task from the previous competition. Sub plans to start working on planned upgrades and refitting. Boat has been working on proposals for the design. Lake day will follow updates to boat.

Boat 2020 Design Planning is scheduled for next Thursday and the Design Review is planned for October 17th. Sub 2020 Design Meetings are being planned as well. A ROS training session is also planned.

We have also officially renamed ourselves Marine Robotics.