General Update

VRX submission time is almost here!

Development Updates

Perception: Ali and Justin worked on generating the world and data collection. The classifier has been trained.

GNC: Coline is trying out improvements for various tasks and finding bugs. There is still a decision to make between A* and DAMN Arbiter.

Hardware: The team has been researching fabrication of the pontoons, particularly vacuum-bagging fiberglass.

R&D: The Simulation project has been working with UUV Simulator to create simulations for the AUV.

Competition Updates

RoboBoat: The team had a lake test day this past Saturday and collected data to create the dynamic model. The GPS was also tested successfully.

AUV: The team had a pool test day this past Wednesday. A video was recorded for the Singapore AUV Challenge. Some issues with the Intel RealSense camera came up and will need to be resolved.

VRX: The team is going to test tasks in Docker. Task 1 and 2 are working well and just need testing. Task 3 is now working. The navigation task needs improvements for filtering the gates. The team is preparing for the final submission!