Hydrophone Array

  • A new subsystem for our ASVs and AUVs that analyzes data from 3 hydrophones for use in various tasks
  • Relevant skills: PCB design, embedded systems development, enclosure design, digital signal processing, hands-on electronics skills

Revamped Sub!

  • A refresh to our AUV we call Plongeur, with a new internal slot system supporting modular components and potentially a new power and data rail system
  • Relevant skills: PCB design, CAD, hands-on electronics skills

New Boat!

  • A new ASV for the RoboBoat competition, with new hydrodynamic pontoons and a ground up reimplementation of the old system
  • Relevant skills: Fiberglass and composites experience, hands-on electronics skills, PCB design, construction skills


  • A standalone system that is able to take off from and land on our ASV, for use in special tasks in competition
  • Relevant skills: Software, controls, image processing, construction skills

Simulation Environment and Computing R&D

  • Developing new ways of simulating the competition environment, modeling our robots, working on a better UI, and finding new methods of running our software stack
  • Relevant skills: An understanding of physics and linear algebra, systems and networking, a willingness to tinker

Perception and Control

  • Implementing new algorithms to make good use of our sensors, including visual odometry, integration of a new GPS, among others
  • Relevant skills: General software knowledge, a willingness to learn and read