Fall 2021 Projects

Virtual RobotX

  • Developing the software stack for an entry into the Virtual RobotX Competition
  • Working with simulation in order to test the software stack
  • Developing software that will eventually be used on a real 16-foot autonomous pontoon boat
  • Relevant skills: Python, C++, ROS, Docker, Linux

Microtransat Design & Integration

  • Designing a <2m autonomous surface vehicle from the ground up to transit the Atlantic Ocean
  • Component projects include propulsion (thrusters or wing-sail), power (solar + battery), navigation, payload, and hull design
  • Relevant skills: Basically all of them, all kinds of engineers wanted

Hydrophone Array

  • Developing a subsystem for the WAM-V platform that uses data from 3 hydrophones for localization of a pinger
  • Relevant skills: PCB design, embedded systems development, enclosure design, digital signal processing, hands-on electronics skills


    • A standalone system that is able to take off from and land on our ASV, for use in special tasks in competition
    • Relevant skills: Software, controls, image processing, construction skills

      Perception and Control

      • Implementing new algorithms to make good use of our sensors, including visual odometry, integration of a new GPS, among others
      • Relevant skills: General software knowledge, a willingness to learn and read