RobotX 2024 Competition

Previously at GT MRG…

The Maritime RobotX Challenge is an international competition where teams from all over the world compete with 16-foot WAM-V robotic boats, which must compete an assortment of complex tasks. These robots navigate through obstacles, listen with a sonar to pingers, and utilize an aerial vehicle to assist in various tasks.

The WAMblin Reck Refit

The WAMblin Reck is our WAM-V Autonomous Surface Vehicle used at RobotX. It has been in use by GT MRG since 2016. For 2024, the WAM-V will need to undergo refurbishment and upgrades.

Projects include:

  • Pontoon Refurbishment – The WAM-V pontoons will need to
    be patched and given mounts for propulsion and other systems
  • Auxiliary System Development – RobotX often involves tasks like ball shooting, and these systems will need to be integrated into the WAM-V
  • UAV Development – RobotX typically involves a autonomous aerial vehicle component
  • Autonomy software – Develop algorithms for general localization, navigation, and perception
  • Power and Propulsion Upgrade – The WAM-V requires upgrades to its propulsion system as well as its power distribution system

RobotX 2024 Team Roster

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