RoboSub 2024 Competition

A Video from the Archive

The RoboSub Competition challenges students to build and program autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs). The last time we competed was in 2020. This year, we’ll be building a new AUV from scratch!

AUV 2024

Plongeur was our vehicle in past years. However, we will be constructing a new vehicle for 2024!

Projects may include:

  • Mechanical design – Designing the main vehicle platform
  • Actuator development – Create an actuator for manipulating objects underwater
  • Perception software – Use computer vision to identify and localize targets underwater
  • Autonomy software – Develop algorithms for general localization and navigation
  • Electrical system – Implement the electrical system to power all systems

RoboSub 2024 Team Roster

This could be you! Join us!