Author: Sean Fish

Weekly Recap – Lots of Testing Edition!

General Update VRX submission time is almost here! Development Updates Perception: Ali and Justin worked on generating the world and data collection. The classifier has been trained. GNC: Coline is trying out improvements for various tasks and finding bugs. There is still a decision to make between A* and...
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November Lake Day

Today, GTMR went out to the lake! Robert, Matt, Eric, Daniel, Ali, and I were there. Game day made transportation logistics a little bit difficult, but we all made it in the end. The GPS was confirmed to be working, and Robert successfully ran Rahul’s dynamic model data collection...
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RoboBoat 2019 Drone Retrospective

The Frankendrone from RoboBoat 2019 had a rough start and was not able to fly in competition. Eric was able to finally get it steady in the air before the end of the week of competition. Hardware must work before software can work properly. Takeaways: Software ArduPilot and PX4...
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